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We make much of our new products when they come into the shop and try our best to inform you how to drink them/suck eggs. But now we’re going a step further and inviting you to read our opinion on beer and possibly present it as your own in a future beer related setting so you can appear knowledgeable without having done any hard work. We know! You’re welcome!

In all seriousness, this will be the first of a monthly “new beer” review. Comment are welcomed including and especially if you disagree with us.


Firstly we have Sublimely Self Righteous Ale from the good people at Stone brewery. Due to the supply of Stone being increasingly scarce in the UK, all the pubs and shops tend to receive products from this brewery in the same week leading to what can only be described as a Stone frenzy. They are a great brewer and this one is a firm favourite with many. 

ABV: 8.7%

Looks: Very dark brown with a hint of deep scarlet.

Smells: Very deep chocolate malts form the main body with long lingering hops coming after. Very subtle hints of grapefruit, peach and pineapple.

Tastes: Hugely powerful hoppiness with a strong backbone provided by that deep aromatic malt we got in the aroma. Nicely sweet with a very strong grassiness to the flavour.

Finish: Very bitter, oily and dry with a great balance between the malt and the hop so you’re not bowled over by either in particular. More like both at the same time!

Overall: The most impressive Black IPA I’ve ever tried. The balance of the malt and hops is just right and the hints of fruit keep it interesting. Surprisingly easy to drik the entire 750ml bottle by yourself.


We’ll be sticking with the United States for the next two beers. In the last month I’ve gone a little hop mad which is something I usually try to avoid if I’m honest. Mainly because its becoming a beer geeks obsession with many and there are so many other great styles out there its tragic to focus on one aspect. Nevertheless, we love the range American hoppy ales in the shop at the moment with all of them on special offer. This latest offering is from Dominion and called, rather predictably “Hop Mountain”. 

ABV: 5.6%

Looks: Hazy orange with a quickly diminishing head

Smells: Pine, resinous hops, light caramel and a sweetness that reminds me slightly of pineapple lilt. Tropical fruits are offered in abundance!

Taste: Largely hops and a caramel nature that is hinted in the nose from the malt. The tropical fruits become more of a background noise on the palate as a result.

Finish: Long and bitter. The caramel lingers on and the tropical fruits make a final appearance toward the end.

Overall: A lovely pale ale. The aroma is excellent and prepares you for something fruity, which isn’t quite delivered on the palate. Hop heads will love the bitterness and the malt comes through beautifully.  


Something a little more heart-warming now in Flying Dog’s Kujo Coffee Stout. Coffee stouts can be a little polarising in my experience. Some I’ve loved and some I’ve not got on on with at all. Flying Dog though are one of my very favourite brewers so I’m already biased on this one before I start. This weekend I made Cadbury crème egg brownies and ate them with a bottle of Kujo. Feeling somewhat fatter as a result. 

Looks: Matte black with a mousse-like dark tan head.

Smells: Very much as you’d expect for the style. Caramel, light coffee, chocolate and plenty of vanilla. An amazing combination in any beer and Kujo does not disappoint.

Tastes: Sweet and chocolatey with only a subtle hint of coffee. This is my favourite type of coffee stout… one that doesn’t taste like someone just poured espresso into your glass. Roasted malts permeated everything in just the right amount.

Finish: Medium bodied, oily mouthfeel and a little more coffee coming though at the end.

Overall: A coffee stout for anyone to enjoy. Typical Flying Dog really. Huge flavour, great aroma and cool drawings of a dog on the label.


Written by Mark Kelly — September 30, 2013

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