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Mark Tranter of Dark Star Brewing Co.


What variety of beer did you first brew?

The first beer I brewed was out of a can from Wilkinsons back when I was a student.

I'm sure it was fairly vile but I (and my friends) were happy enough.

How and where did you start out?

After college, my home brewing progressed to all malt & hops.

At the time, I was cheffing in a pub and drinking in the Evening Star in Brighton.

Having tried my homebrew, Rob Jones offered me a job there. This was back in 1996.


Do you have a couple of favourite beers you keep coming back to when having a beer yourself?

Out of our beers, APA & Revelation. Other peoples - well there's loads of great beers but Boon 'Marriage Parfait' and Odells IPA have more than there fair share of time in my fridge.

Trafalgar wines in Brighton deserves a plug for always stocking these, Steve is such a nice guy!


What is the most impressive food/beer pairing you can recall?

To be honest, I've not been to many specific food/beer parings, though I talk about it with friends (especially Melissa Cole, who is very good at it!).

To me, things are often about a time and a place. Being in Bamberg with Rob at the Schlenkerla Brewery Tap with one of their uber smokey beers and a plate of ham, dumplings and sauerkraut one cold November day, suddenly everything made sense.


Are there any varieties of beer you haven't brewed before that you may brew in future?

There's loads of styles that I haven't brewed and want to - that's what keeps it all fresh.

Just to say, Belgium has a lot of crazy styles that could keep me interested for years!


Written by The Beer Boutique — September 30, 2013

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